Still here, still here …

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Greetings all, Sorry for the lack of posts. It’s been a crazy three weeks here in NorthEast TN. I’ve been pretty busy at work getting as much done on our ERP upgrade as I can before I break the twins news to my boss and let her know my 10-15-19 hour work days, working 2-3 weekends a month, and every other holiday are coming to an end. Add to that we’ve had little pieces of the “snowpocalypse” that’s crippled the east coast this winter, and our first born (sophie, the 5 year old bichon frise) has had a UTI and severe gastrointestinitis requiring numerous vet visits and an overnight stay at the animal hospital, and you see that blogging has dropped on my priorities list.

So here’s my update …

For Valentines day I lucked out and the SAN maintenance was cancelled so the wife and I went to Gatlinburg to the shopping outlets to look at some baby stuff. We also had a coat I received for Christmas that was too big, that we had to return by the eoFeb. It was nice to look at all the baby clothes, etc. together because we really haven’t had time to do that with the weather, me working most weekends, and the normal day-to-day errands we were running during our free time. We also went to a baby store with her sister who is expecting in June. It was great to see how other “new-to-be” parents ogled over the tiny socks, hats, and outfits just like we do. Hah!

I’ve finished reading Twin Sense: A Sanity-Saving Guide to Raising Twins — From Pregnancy Through the First Year (Dagmara) that I checked out at my University library. I have learned a lot, and it is by far the best twins book I’ve read so far. If I didn’t have time to subscribe to the various RSS feeds, read numerous websites, and read several books – I think this is the one book I would make sure to read. It is fairly concise and covers all the basics (that I know of at this point anyway!).

Next on the ToDo read list,
The Joy of Twins and Other Multiple Births: Having, Raising, and Loving Babies Who Arrive in Groups (Novotny)


Lots to do, lots to do.

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Last night I was laying in bed talking with the wifey and realized that the shock has warn off. I’m no longer bawling at the drop of a hat, and we’re really starting to wrap our heads around the fact that two miracles are coming. I can’t describe how excited we are. I noticed the only time Cath gets nauseous is when she gets hungry, so I suggested she keep a snack with her during the day and in the evenings. We had some leftover Christmas ham (was frozen) the other night and she just couldn’t eat it. So I ran to wally and got a few boxes of goldfish crackers which was what she was craving at the time. So far the cravings have gone from peanut butter m&ms, to her moms homemade salsa, to blackberries, to something i’ve since forgotten, to red grapes, to goldfish crackers (exxxxtreme cheese, stock cheddar kind, pretzel mix).

We had a family meeting last night with my cousin and her 4YO and talked about the timeline for moving out. She had already chosen a move-out date of the 2nd or 3rd weekend in February, so that would give us some time to clean out their two bedrooms and start preparing for the nursery. The reason we’re starting so early is because Cath will most likely be on bedrest so we’ll lose a month or so at the end once we learn the sexes, the other DBA and I usually work 2-3 weekends a month which will half the number of weekends I have available between now and delivery day to prep the house, and I only have access to one truck to schedule and borrow and use to help the cousin move.

Lots to do, lots to do.

Slow news day …

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Not much of an update today; we told the rest of Cath’s immediate family at a shared birthday party on Sunday. They were mostly in shock, it was cool to see Cath’s eldest neice (14YO) say she was so excited she wouldn’t be able to sleep that night! We also told my cousin and her 4YO, (who’ve been living with us since June to help get back on her feet) and they were excited. The 4YO seemed concerned that he wasn’t going to be the baby anymore, heh. Once they move out (Feb), we can clean out the two spare bedrooms we have upstairs and start getting the nursery set up.

Gonna tell the other DBA here and my boss later this month. Let them start getting their heads around how to manage the upcoming change to my workable schedule.

Lots to do, lots to do!

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I worked 19 hours yesterday because of some PROD issues we had at 530 and a … refocusing of my attention … by my CIO on our ERP upgrade project.

So the end result is I get to work 10 hours a day and every weekend until the project is complete because some functional users with enough pull think we should be 5 months ahead of the rest of the institutions in our cohort. The good news is that I get the training for all this work in May, but get to do the work now. Woohoo!

I haven’t told anyone at work about the twins yet, but once Cathy’s day-to-day life becomes affected by being pregnant, and of course once she delivers, my commitment to my job is going to take a major fall on my priorities list.

I don’t feel bad about this because I’ve done everything asked here for the past 5 years (24x7x365 availability) and in my last three performance reviews (yearly) i’ve warned my manager that my priorities would change once we started a family.

Bring on the babies!

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So last night we webcam’d with my folks who live about 700 miles away. We had sent them the same type gift as we sent Cath’s folks, a nicely wrapped box with two custom onesies and an ultrasound. I had told them that there was one last Christmas present that had come in after they left (they visited for Christmas) and that it was custom and had been on order for a while. They opened it and caught on that it was twins in seconds! I was surprised. We pretty much had to spell it out for Cath’s folks, and one of their onesies said twins!

The first onesie said:

“We’d rather be 647 miles away
at Grandma and Grandpa’s.”

The second said:

“Hi Hi Grandma Grandma and and Grandpa Grandpa.”

The ultrasound was, of course, of A and B. They seemed very happy and commented several times on how much they enjoyed how we had told them. Cath’s mom commented on that too, so we feel pretty good about how we broke the great news. My folks don’t know how long we’ve been trying or that we were seeing fertility specialists, but maybe they could tell by our face how much this means to us. I was very happy we got the webcam working over the weekend and it was a great treat to see all of them so excited. I told them we hadn’t told any other family yet so they’ll have to keep a lid on it for a week or so while we call other relatives, but it meant a lot to me that we told our parents first. I reminded them that nobody at my work knows so not to post anything on facebook, we’ll see how that goes.

Browsing around I found some twins discount codes and created the “deals and discounts” page.


Friday night we went over to Cath’s parents and broke the big news. We brought over some pizzas and had dinner, then gave them a nice box with a red ribbon on it. When they opened it, they found a onesie in it. After the screaming stopped, they read the first onesie (Cath used MS Word, clipart, and iron-on transfers):

‘Double Trouble’.

Since Cath’s sister is also pregnant, they thought this was just alluding to two babies coming this year. We told them to keep looking. Under the first onesie was a second that said:

‘Two sets of ears,
Two sets of eyes,
TWINS are such
A wonderful surprise!’

There were no screams, just really big eyes looking back at us. Cath said, “keep looking”, Cath’s mom said, “you’re kidding”.

Under the second onesie was an ultrasound with A and B on it. Then it all washed over them and it was screams and cheers and hugs all around. They know we’ve been trying for a long time and were starting to look into adoption so they really know the miracle that these babies are. We talked for about an hour and a half or so then came back to the house, feeling great that finally someone else in our family knew the wonderful news.

I worked with my dad via phone and reverse VNC for a while over the weekend getting their Christmas present set up (webcam). They live about 700 miles away, so telling them in person isn’t feasible. We packed up a similar package for them (customized onesies) and mailed it last week. With MLK holiday yesterday, they should get it tonight. We’ve told them there was one last Christmas present that hadn’t come in yet when they were up here visiting for Christmas, so we mailed it and told them not to open it until they call/webcam us. The hope is that we can watch them open it on the webcam tonight!

In my research, came across some suggested books that we’re looking at local libraries for. See the list on the “Resources” tab.

for listOfBabies in *;do echo $listOfBabies Woohoo!!;done
twinA Woohoo!!
twinB Woohoo!!

Cath and I joined a twins support group here in our area. The next meeting is in two weeks, although we may wait until next month to go because a couple of the group members are teachers in Cath’s school system and we’re not ready for the news to get out. Also started an Amazon baby registry and a CareCalendar where people could sign up to perform tasks before/after the due date. Tasks like social visit (mostly for cathy during bedrest period), do a load of laundry, bring over a meal, etc. I hope that by being organized, we’ll make up for being newbies!

I have scoured the Internet for information and need to start organizing it. I’m following about 40 RSS feeds about childbirth and twins. Here’s some of the http finds and let me know via the comments section and I can send you an xml document (OPML) with my RSS feeds …

Some good websites I found in my travels are listed on the “resources” tab.

More to come …