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A belated Happy 4th to all the faithful DBADaddy followers.  So here’s a few things I’ve learned over the long holiday weekend …

  1. TiVo remotes are washable.  When you inadvertently wash the TiVo remote in a random load of laundry, your best bet at making it usable again is to a. remove the batteries, b. set it out to spot dry (it is in the mid 90s here so I just left it outside on the deck for a few hours), c. put it in a bag of rice overnight.  Luckily for me, the remote works again and Cathy remains happy.  This could have been a catastrophic situation.
  2. Just pay for the plywood.  I purchased two AngelCare AC401 SIDS movement/sound monitors, one each for the twins’ cribs when I saw them go on sale this month at Amazon.  For them to work as advertised, you really need to put them on a solid surface under the crib mattress.  Since our cribs have wire springs, I started looking at using a masonite board/piece of plywood to sit on top of the springs for the monitor to lay on.  Since Lowe’s plywood was about twice as much as particle board, I went with particle board.  After a little more research, I find out that some particle board uses formaldehyde based glue.  Wheee!  My babies sleeping on carcinogens!  So I looked up a non-toxic sealer to use and over the course of a few days cut, sealed, and painted the particle board.  All-in-all it would have been cheaper to just buy the plywood.  Indeed, <./lessonLearned>.

We ended up having a very event-driven 4th of July though; some friends who live in Charleston were in town so we had dinner with them one night, we had a neighborhood cook-out, watched the city fireworks show, and attended a local street festival in a neighboring town.  Also, one of our annual outings is to go to the lake with some friends and rent a party barge.  We all pack our own lunches and drinks, and bring one share’able side.  It’s a great day of swimming, laughing, and just relaxing with friends.  I wasn’t really excited about it this year, I wanted Cath to take it easy — but she wouldn’t take no for an answer and promised to stay hydrated and not overdo it.  We had a great time and I’m glad she was able to enjoy herself with some of our closest friends.

So now its 5:58a, time to start work!  More to come …


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