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time csscan \”sys/weakpw@SIMONS as sysdba\” FULL=Y FROMCHAR=NoBabies TOCHAR=TwoBabies LOG=familyGrowing.log CAPTURE=Y ARRAY=81920000 PROCESS=2;

I worked 19 hours yesterday because of some PROD issues we had at 530 and a … refocusing of my attention … by my CIO on our ERP upgrade project.

So the end result is I get to work 10 hours a day and every weekend until the project is complete because some functional users with enough pull think we should be 5 months ahead of the rest of the institutions in our cohort. The good news is that I get the training for all this work in May, but get to do the work now. Woohoo!

I haven’t told anyone at work about the twins yet, but once Cathy’s day-to-day life becomes affected by being pregnant, and of course once she delivers, my commitment to my job is going to take a major fall on my priorities list.

I don’t feel bad about this because I’ve done everything asked here for the past 5 years (24x7x365 availability) and in my last three performance reviews (yearly) i’ve warned my manager that my priorities would change once we started a family.

Bring on the babies!


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