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Wow, no new posts for a while. Bad Blogger. I’m sorry, I need to get better at this. So here’s whats going on, and why there’s been limited updates in the past few weeks …

Babies Update …
Thursday was our monthly Dr. appointment. We were there until 530 talking to the Dr. about some warning signs pointing to gestational diabetes later, how to mitigate that risk with tracking carbs, modified diet, exercise, etc. and by the time we finished with him we were too late to do the ultrasound. We go back in 2 weeks for another sugar test, hopefully we’ll get one then. I *LOVE* the ultrasounds and getting more pictures of A and B are the highlights of my month! I always get excited about those visits and can’t wait to see how much they’ve grown. Hopefully the technician takes an extra minute or two and gets us some great pix, in all of our other ultrasounds one of the babes is always squished, heh. They used a mic and got us another dose of heartbeats, always fantastic. I dont know how to explain it other than it _lifts_ you up to hear it. We have one fast-normal and one slow-normal heartbeat, so I’m still all-in that we’re having a boy and a girl.

Some of you know that Cath is a middle school teacher but she’s also the sitting director of a non-profit that brings award-winning authors to middle-school classrooms. She’s been going 120 mph the past two weeks getting things organized for the upcoming visit and I’m hoping once that is completed things will slow down for her professionally. I’m helping out as much as I can with laundry, making meals, etc. but all that just helps out with the personal/home life. Most of her current stress is professional. The part I hate most is seeing her continually take on extra tasks and responsibilities instead of delegating! I have to tread lightly because she may read this, but she’s preggerz with twins and needs to learn how to say “No” and “Why don’t you take care of that.”. That’s just not who she is though. She has a lot of her Mom in her!

DBA Update …
The winds of change are blowing for me professionally. Some of you know that I work most weekends and holidays and the past 6 years of 24×7 required availability have burned me out something nasty. I told my boss in each of my last 3 yearly performance reviews that I couldn’t keep this schedule up once we started a family. With the twins on the way, I haven’t seen any change in that schedule or the projected schedule for the next 3-4 years. As such, Q4 last year I started keeping my eyes open for other opportunities that would have less impact on my “family time”. I’ve been in negotiations since November with a government entity about a dba manager position and have tentatively accepted it, to begin at the end of this month (after passing various background checks and exams). It is a change, and that is always difficult and stressful, but I think it will be what’s best for me and my family over the long run. My current employer got my best for 6 years and I hope whoever they find to replace me can fill size 13 shoes!


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