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I started this blog for a couple reasons. One was to chronicle my adventure … to keep a parenting notebook I guess. Another was that my folks live 700 miles away, my best friend lives 1200 miles away, so this is a way for me to communicate with them as often as they read their RSS, email, or browse their favorites. Yet another was that writing out my feelings and thoughts is surprisingly therapeutic. The blog also helps me catalog websites, multiples discount codes, and plain text snippets and keep them all in one place (similar to the parenting notebook theme). Finally, I thought it might be a place where other new fathers, of multiples or singletons, might find some valuable tips.

Here’s a random list of some of my suggestions, …

Always remember that right now your wife is making/taking care of the babies, so it is your job to take care of your wife.

Things I’m doing to take care of the wifey:

  1. Go to every appt if possible. I haven’t missed one yet. With the amount of after hours work I do, it is easy for me to slide out early to go to an appointment. This may not be true for most.
  2. Do some laundry.
  3. Take the dog for a walk every day. This has been hard with the snowstorms we’ve gotten this year.
  4. Ask if she’s taken her vitamin, medication, checked sugar, etc. I used an outlook appt reminder so I’d remember to email her each day at 9am for her after breakfast sugar check.
  5. Take the wife for a walk!
  6. Go to parenthood classes.
  7. Fix dinners.
  8. Take out the trash.
  9. Go to multiples support classes. We have our first twins support group next week, I’m very excited about learning some stuff there.
  10. Take out the recycling. I always forget this. I made an outlook appointment to remind me.
  11. Make snack bags (goldfish crackers, teddy grahams, ginger snaps, etc.) and store in her office drawer, car, nightstand, etc.
  12. Meet her/bring lunch to her work.
  13. Ask how she’s doing every day. If she was sick earlier, remember to ask if she’s feeling better later!
  14. Do research online about pregnancy and share what you find. I email her snippets, some she already knows, some she doesn’t.
  15. Clean toilet every day (doubly important if she has morning sickness).
  16. Gas up her car each week.
  17. Massage some stretch mark lotion on her. This can serve multiple purposes …
  18. Fill up the server with movies/shows. WHS streaming is going to save me during her bedrest period.
  19. Call/txt/email her asking how she’s doing.
  20. Footrubs. Cath has feet issues so she’s never accepted, but I still offer!
  21. Keep a pregnancy folder and store important documents, articles, paperwork
  22. Start a careCalendar (will come in handy when she’s on bedrest and first few weeks after delivery)
  23. Nap with her
  24. Remember sometimes she’s talking to you to have someone to listen, not to have someone to solve the problem she’s discussing (this is very hard for me)

more to come …


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