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Cath wishes it was that easy.  8^)

We had our week 28 appointment a few days ago so here is the update.  Caths gestational diabetes is responding well to the prescribed medicine, and she’s really been on top of it with watching her diet and carb intake.  She uses an ItzBeen timer to keep track of when she eats and when she needs to take her sugar reading, and I think that has helped a lot.  We finally got an ultrasound that shows both babies and Baby A is 2lb 10oz and Baby B is 2lb 14oz — both about the same size as a singleton would be at this point!

Baby A has been breech all along, and baby B was also breech on this ultrasound, so we went ahead and scheduled the C-Section for August 27.  That means that we will have no  more than 10 weeks from today, whoop!  Cathy is really being a trooper and I can tell she is starting to become more and more uncomfortable physically.  She’s a tremendous woman and I appreciate her so much.  Since she’s a teacher she is now off for the summer, and I think that – more than anything – has lifted her spirits and really helped.  Now our appointments are every two weeks for the next month, then twice a week until the boys arrive!

Fathers Day:  My Dad’s birthday is in early June so I usually combine his birthday and Fathers Day gifts when I can.  I got him a GPS because he’s always going to various VAs, Doctors offices, shops, etc.  Even though he’s a “map guy”, if he uses the GPS I think he’ll like it.  Especially as he ages and is still required to taxi the family around.

For myself, for my last Fathers Day without kids, I picked up Memento by Chronicle books.  It’s basically a prompt-based journal that you write in and eventually give to your kids.  It’s filled with various prompts about your life, beliefs, history, etc. and some of the better prompts are the ones where, if you’re honest, highlight failures as much as successes.  If either, or both, of my boys are like me, they’ll enjoy finding this completed journal amongst my posessions one day.

Nursery update and my ManShower: Last week we finished painting the nursery, picked up the two carseats, and the cribs came in.  I’ve scheduled the carpets to be cleaned this week, then I’ll put the cribs, dresser, bookshelf, etc. together and the room will really start to come together!  I also sent out an invite to my friends on a ManShower in mid-July.  It’s my last guys-night-out before the boys arrive; i’m thinking we’ll do burgers at the house then take in a local minor-league baseball game.  If you didn’t get your invitation, email me.  8^)

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