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I have not blogged for some time, not that I have given up, I just found little time to craft meaningful posts interesting enough to share to friends and family. So this is a very overdue post with a summary of the past four weeks or so …

Re: Twins
So if you know SQL and looked at the post heading, you already know the sex of our twins. But for those of you who don’t, let me tell you the same way we told our families. We used a hangman type game I thought up. Basically, we went around the table and each parent/sibling got to chose a letter (consonants for the first round, vowels available starting round 2), which we added to the sheet of paper that had the names blanked out if it was in the first or middle name of either twin. It took about three rounds (Cathy has a large family with many siblings) to get the first twin name guessed, and another round or two to get the second.
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Note that Cath and I have not decided on names yet, the names we used were just placeholders we like to reveal the sex of each twin. I didn’t want to just say, “we’re having X and Y” or “we’re having twin blah’s”.

So Twin Hangman/Wheel-of-Fortune resulted in:

That’s right, we’ve had two ultrasounds confirm that we’re having twin boys! So unless the ultrasound technicians are wrong, “Lillian Marie”, the only name Cath and I agreed on and was set in stone, goes back in the queue.

Twin boys. Wow. I keep finding myself daydreaming about how they will help me mow, and change oil, and write shell scripts, and the two of them will team up to whoop up on me in sports. Oh those S. boys are competitive and sneaky you know. One of them will kick me in the shins so the other can drive to the basket. I can see it now, you know they conspire against their ole’ Dad to beat him in 21-tip.

Cath and I were talking the other day about how we’re gonna raise twin boys. I told her about two little boys who were behind me on a plane recently and they kept kicking my seat. Then all they could talk about was how when you poop on an airplane it must just fall out the bottom of the plane and hit whoever is on the ground below. They laughed, and made poop noises, and what they thought the sound would be when poop hit someone in the face after falling from a plane. This was a 45 minute conversation. It was an eye-opening experience for me.

But by the same token, I also found myself smiling at the thought of taking my boys to the bathroom and the three of us racing to see who could finish first; most likely standing around the toilet peeing on everything but in the bowl. Cath didn’t think this was a good idea, shook her head in disbelief, and said that could only be an “away from the house” game.

Re: Parenting
Cath and I have continued taking baby classes at the hospital. So far we’ve taken infant first aid, infant CPR, breast feeding, and are in week 3 of the 4 week baby prep class (tour hospital, Lamaze, intro to nursing, etc.). It has been very beneficial and has reduced our stress a lot. I’ve learned a lot and feel a lot more comfortable about the first two weeks or so after they are delivered. It sounds weird, but it is kind of like a “date night” for us in that we both look forward to each week, it is special time we get to spend together, and we know it is very worthwhile time spent and an investment in our family.

I’m also putting a feeler out in the neighborhood to start a neighborhood watch program. I’m not happy with some of the activities going on in our formerly quiet subdivision. Some jackass with more money than sense bought a house for his son and the kids college friends. So now the rest of us get to deal with the kids immaturity. Public drunkenness, indecent exposure (peeing in the road, neighborhood yards, etc.), beer bottles thrown in others yards, probable DUI’s leaving our subdivision at all hours of the night, etc. After 18 months it is something I won’t stand for any more. These types of things continue to happen, even after multiple neighbors have talked to the kids who live there and expressed how they are responsible for their party-goers actions. I know this all makes me sound VERY OLD and that I risk being tagged as “THAT GUY” in the neighborhood, but my responsibilities have changed now and we purposefully purchased our house in a neighborhood with young professionals – not at the local University apartment complex. GET OFF MY LAWN, RAWR!

Re: New Job
I spent a week in Reno, NV at the all employee meeting for my new job. The organization I work for is completely virtual with only a handful of people working out of offices.  A majority work strictly from home. It was very interesting to meet the people I’ve only talked to over the phone and I can honestly say that I’ve never worked with this many sharp folks before. It is quite intimidating! I also learned that about 6 of the 10 major projects for the organization directly involve my position, so I think I’ll have a busy work-year ahead of me.  Wheee!

More to come …


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